5 Tips for Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising is the art of visually telling a story to entice someone into checking out your place of business.  You will generally see this in retail locations, although almost any business entity can benefit from it.  Bakeries utilize visual merchandising (as well as olfactory merchandising! who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked good??!?), clothing stores most certainly do, even websites can benefit from the technique.

Listed here are 5 Tips for Visual Merchandising:

1) Pig in the Window

Retail genius, Peter Glen coined this term and explained simply, put something in your shopping window that makes someone ask “Why is that there?”  They may very well come in just to ask you “Why is there pig in the window?”  Once you have the customer in your shop, it’s up to you to sell sell sell!

2) Tell a Story

Most commonly referred to as a ‘theme’, you want to tell a story with your visual.  That is, put your products out and on display for your customers to inspect and touch.  Most importantly, put them together in such a way that it makes sense (but still put that pig somewhere in there!)

3) Less is More

Less can always be more, especially if you are wanting to sell one particular product.  By having a table set up with just one scent of candle can increase it’s sales, and providing too many options can lead to confusion and indecision.  That said, don’t be afraid to crowd the display either.  Yeah, that seems to contradict – I’ll explain; if the purpose is to sell the candle, place items that don’t seem to belong around it, while keeping the candle at the center of attention.  

4) Create Focal Points

A Focal Point can be almost anything, but generally it’s something bright that stands out.  Go over to the nearest clothing rack and look around at the farthest away part of your store.  See anything interesting?  No?  Put something up that will pull attention towards that area, something that will draw your eye.  Shoppers will curiously head over that direction to check it out, and impulse shop the entire way.

5) Don’t be Afraid of Signs

You can’t be in all areas of the store at once and neither can your workers.  Chances are there will be times that you have a 5 or 6 to 1 ratio of customers to workers.  Signs can be a major help in giving away vital information.  50% off this rack, we are having a sale next Tuesday, Kids Eat Free with an Adult Entre, But three tires get one free, etc.