Perfecting Your Plan To Death: A Business Warning


You’ve decided to start your own business and have drafted a rock solid business plan.  You have consulted everyone you can find, you’ve run the numbers, you’ve burned the midnight oil, and you just know that you cannot lose!

You’ve set your business plan down, with full intent to submit it in the morning to the bank so that you get get that loan.

Wait, what’s this?

You were taking a shower and had a grand thought!  What if you add one more paragraph to help emphasize the grand scale of your vision, that would make the bank take more notice, right?

After breakfast, you sit feverishly down and build on that plan, perfecting it.  But then after reading what you added, you see how you can tie that in to the paragraph over on page 7, just by tweaking three words.  Ahh, but now the chart at the bottom of page 7 needs to be updated to adjust for the new financials.

Now that you have that chart adjusted, you need to update the table of contents because that small change caused everything to shift by 1 page.

The next thing you know.. you’ve got 5 more changes you need to make just to make it perfect…

Congratulations, you are now perfecting your plan to death

While there is nothing wrong at all with adjusting and tweaking your plan, it is possible to take it beyond the point of no return.

This can apply to any business plan or even any internal proposal.  It’s great to have all of the information you can think of written down in your plan, but at a certain point, you have to hold fast to what you have.  Adjusting it, changing it, and adding to it can lead to a total cascading into a void.

We get it, it’s a big deal to have a rock solid plan, but you need to know when that plan is beginning to transform from solid rock into a cliff of granite that will crush you.

Here at Hardin Creative Consulting, we have reviewed more business plans and internal business proposals than we can count.  This is one niche that we have an expertise in and if you have questions about your plan or proposal, please do not hesitate to ask us to consult.