5 Tips for Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising is the art of visually telling a story to entice someone into checking out your place of business.  You will generally see this in retail locations, although almost any business entity can benefit from it.  Bakeries utilize visual merchandising (as well as olfactory merchandising! who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked good??!?), clothing stores most certainly do, even websites can benefit from the technique.

Listed here are 5 Tips for Visual Merchandising:

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Perfecting Your Plan To Death: A Business Warning


You’ve decided to start your own business and have drafted a rock solid business plan.  You have consulted everyone you can find, you’ve run the numbers, you’ve burned the midnight oil, and you just know that you cannot lose!

You’ve set your business plan down, with full intent to submit it in the morning to the bank so that you get get that loan.

Wait, what’s this?

You were taking a shower and had a grand thought!  What if you add one more paragraph to help emphasize the grand scale of your vision, that would make the bank take more notice, right?

After breakfast, you sit feverishly down and build on that plan, perfecting it.  But then after reading what you added, you see how you can tie that in to the paragraph over on page 7, just by tweaking three words.  Ahh, but now the chart at the bottom of page 7 needs to be updated to adjust for the new financials.

Now that you have that chart adjusted, you need to update the table of contents because that small change caused everything to shift by 1 page.

The next thing you know.. you’ve got 5 more changes you need to make just to make it perfect…

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10 Marketing Mistakes


Marketing can be a very tricky beast to overcome.  Over the years, Hardin Creative Consulting has made more than it’s fair share of blunders.  Listed here are 10 marketing mistakes that we have found to be the most common.

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What do I do with negative reviews?


It’s going to happen.  You are going to upset someone and they will want to let everyone to know about it.  There is a saying that goes along the lines of:

It takes years to earn a client but only moments to lose one.

You may have done nothing at all wrong in your eyes, but that doesn’t matter.  The words have been written and now you have to deal with the impact.  You really only have 2 choices:

A) Ignore the negative review and do nothing

B) Turn that negative review into a tool to help Boost your sales

Boost my sales?  With a negative review??  How’s that gonna work???!?

Listed here are 4 ways that I am going to provide to you to use those negative reviews to help boost your sales.

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